About us


Galboka residence is designed  as a unique concept of a holiday stay. It offers all the comforts of a small Mediterranean resort with landscaped gardens, heated swimming pool, whirlpool, kids play pool and 15 spacious, carefully designed residences, each of them boasting its own courtyard or a large terrace facing either the sea or the mountains and featuring satellite TV, free WIFI and air conditioning/heating.

Galboka herb garden welcomes you at the entrance to our outdoor kitchen, immersing you in the fragrant world of seasonal herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage, marjoram, basil, chives, dill, mint… Their combined scent will caress your taste buds and give you inspiration for preparing your meal.

Galboka outdoor kitchen is our exclusive outdoor kitchen under the playful shade sails sheltering you from the summer sun while you prepare your own snacks by day or gourmet creations by night, serving them in an ambient setting designed to make you feel good, whether you choose to eat at the country wooden tables next to the outdoor kitchen, herb and vegetable garden, or prefer to dine at your own terrace or courtyard.

Galboka vegetable garden Take a stroll through our vegetable garden next to the outdoor kitchen and help yourself to any of our home-grown, organic and seasonal vegetables! No excuse any more not to prepare that delicious summer salad or ratatouille!

Galboka bar Looking over the big pool you can enjoy a cup of tea or freshly ground coffee, or in the evening a glass of spirits, watching the reflection of wind lights sparkle in the choice of your beverage.

about us